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To raise money for the St James’ Organ Appeal

The New Organ
On Sunday 12th February we said goodbye to the 1974 electronic Heyligers organ which had served St James well since its installation in June 1974. It has gone to a good home in the Coimbra Music Conservatory.

In the second week of March we took delivery of our new Hauptwerk computerised organ that faithfully reproduces recordings of pipe organs from a wide range of locations. It was played at the Eucharist on March 12th.

We still need to raise a further €4,500 towards the cost of this new organ

The film evenings will resume in the autumn

Monday 30th October 20:30
As a first presentation of their forthcoming concert in the music festival Temporada S Roque in Lisbon, Capella Duriensis will perform an open rehearsal at St James on Monday 30th October at 8.30 pm.

The open rehearsal gives insights into the final steps in preparation for a professional choral concert. All the works will be performed without a break, and corrections will be brief, informative and addressed also to the audience so that everyone can understand the working process.

The programme itself features ancient chants taken from manuscripts in the archives of S Roque church, also motets and a Missa written by celebrated composers of the Portuguese Renaissance, Manuel Cardoso and Filipe de Magalhães. Organ improvisation plays a large role in this programme with fantasias being created around the included Gregorian chants, and we will finish with a hauntingly beautiful work by 20th century Russian composer Galina Grigoryeva, On Leaving.

There will be no charge for entry but a collection for St James will be held. Refreshments will be on sale after the performance. Capella Duriensis have performed at St James before and are wonderful. Please come along.

photo of Capella Duriensis in concert

old organ
The 1974 Heyligers Organ
new organ
The Hauptwerk Organ, also from the Netherlands

This new organ will not only improve the quality of music at divine services, but also open up opportunities for other musical performances, as it is a much more versatile and advanced instrument.

We continue to raise funds to pay off the loan (€4,500 to go) so the concert series and film evenings will continue.
Please tell friends and acquaintances and encourage them to come to these events.