Financial Support: supporting our mission and ministry

Our chaplaincy is self-supporting and we are truly grateful to everyone who supports it in any way – by prayer, by giving time and also through financial support. This could be either a regular transfer (standing order) or an annual donation. It is possible to use MB machines if you prefer not to do this online.

1 Directly into our Portuguese account

IBAN: PT50 0269 0303 0020 0052 5757 1
NIB: 0269 0303 0020 0052 5757 1
Account Name: St James Anglican Church, Porto
Bankinter, Antunes Guimarães
Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães 11
4100-078 Porto Portugal

2 Portuguese Tax Return

0.5% of your tax can be allocated to the church.
In table 11 of your Modelo 3 IRS declaration please add the church's tax number: 592008614; There is no extra cost to you.
Please note that the church receives a block amount from the IRS for all participating donors together, so your individual contribution is not revealed.
St James received 7492 euros for the previous tax year through this scheme. Thank you to those who participated.

It is also possible to make a gift and claim back the tax you have paid on the sum. 
If you would like more information, please contact Angus McDougall +351 934 083 103 or email

3 Gift Aid if donating from the UK

The Gift Aid site explains how this works. Donations are handled through the diocesan office in London.
If you would like more information, please contact Angus McDougall +351 934 083 103 or email

4 International Transfer

From outside the eurozone the most convenient transfer can be effected using a service like or wise. Once you have registered with them, transfers are reasonably priced and easy to action. Please use the church account IBAN as the recipient and in the reference field your name if you wish to be identified.

5 Legacy

Looking into the future, you may wish to leave money to St James' Church. Please let the treasurer know and consult your lawyer when making a will.