St. James’ Anglican Church, Porto Lent Charities 2023

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The three main things people focus on during Lent are prayer, fasting (abstaining from something to reduce distractions and focus more on God) and giving, or charity. Here below, we focus on the latter of these Lenten Disciplines, and give a little background to the Lenten Charities for this year:

Our international charity: Support for Turkey and Syria

On Monday 6 February 2023, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria, toppling hundreds of buildings and killing thousands.

Many charities have set up appeals following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The Diocese commends the following organisations: Donations will help provide urgent aid and assistance to vulnerable communities affected by the earthquake. Your support can provide life-saving essentials, such as food rations, clean water and emergency shelter.

*As a Chaplaincy, we will channel our fundraising efforts through the DEC

Our local charity: Emaús – Caminho e Vida

In France, in November 1949, from the meeting between a Capuchin Father, Abbé Pierre, and a desperate man who wanted to commit suicide, the Emmaus Movement was born. Today, with 447 communities, the Emmaus Movement International is present in 47 countries on four continents. In Portugal, it is in the two largest cities, with the common objective: “to work with and for the poorest, fighting against the causes of extreme poverty”.

lives from its own work and without subsidies from the State. It has established partnerships with the Directorate General of Social Integration, and is a beneficiary entity within the scope of providing work in favour of the community as an alternative sentence to prison. It collects old and used things in people's homes: it restores what is possible, reuses it and sells it in the Solidarity Shop. It supports solidarity projects integrated in Emmaus Portugal, Emmaus Europe and Emmaus International, of which it is a member. It is a challenge to society: because communities live from waste and still earn to share...
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Our national Charity (Bishop’s Lent Appeal) : Church Extension Opportunity at Rabat

The Lent Appeal is specifically aimed at helping the next step in the development of St. Augustine’s by providing chaplain’s accommodation, very much fitting in with our diocesan strategy encouraging a welcome of, and a working with, migrant communities often experiencing poverty.

The Appeal touches on several of the priorities of the diocese: building up the body of Christ, resourcing ministry, interfaith and ecumenical relations and ministry to migrant and refugee communities. Donations will help to establish a new congregation, extending the work of the Church, in a vibrant capital city, serving a young, international community, whose needs are great.

How to give and support the Lenten Charities 2023

  1. People can give individually to the Charities named here and pay directly into Chaplaincy Bank Account and please remember to identify the Charity by name when making the Bank Transfer (you may wish to let us know you have made a deposit also)
  2. 50 Cents for 40 Days: take an empty jam jar, a “50c for 40 Days” label and attach to the jar. Every day pop your 50c into the jar. At the end of the 40 days, (Maundy Thursday or thereafter), return the total raised. If we all do this daily, each of one us will raise €20. At the end of Lent, we will total the amount raised from the “50c for 40 Days” appeal, and the total raised divided equally between the three Charities
  3. You choose! We may have a particular charity from those named and want to support them wholly. Please place any donation in a sealed envelope, marked clearly with your name, the amount enclosed, the charity you are supporting.

May our ever-living God bless you this Lent, and give us hearts that look outward to the world and her peoples, and respond those in need with love.

Fr David Hawthorn
Locum Chaplain