Ministry Team

If a dedicated email address is not shown, please use the Chaplaincy Church Council email

Chaplains Fr Colin Jones
email | mobile: +351 910 423 704
Canon Colin Travers
email | mobile (WhatsApp) +44 7503 247315
Server Rick Hunter
Organists Jonathan Ayerst PhD, FRCO
Natassa Lima PhD
Tjakko de Jonge
Churchwardens email Julie Chambers
Vicky Field
Church Council Secretary email Chiara Keienburg
Church Treasurer email David Parkhill
Safeguarding Officer | email Victor de Holanda
Readings and Intercessions Coordinator Canon Colin Travers
email | mobile (WhatsApp) +44 7503 247315
Children's Church Vicky Field
Charity Coordinators Julie Chambers
Olga Lacerda
Local Environmental Officer | email Peter Blackburn
Tours Organizers Vicky Field: bookings
Richard Delaforce: tour guide
Electoral Roll Officer Julie Allen
Facebook administrator Vicky Field
Instagram administrator Victor de Holanda
Website administrator Peter Blackburn