Letter of thanks from the Royal British Legion

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Dear Father David,

What an amazing morning we all had yesterday to which contributed the very good turnout and the presence of the Ambassador Mr Chris Sainty on what was his first visit to St James and the commemorations at St James in Porto.

I would like to thank you for the way you conducted the service and for your inspiring preaching. Archdeacon David Waller’s sermon touched us also in a particular way and gave everyone in the church very real hope.

Your support during the ceremonies outside the Church was also crucial. Please also thank the entire team at the church for their valuable work.

I am convinced that we had the hand of S. Peter to grace us with a beautiful sunny morning, as in the afternoon, black clouds closed the sky, giving way to a dark and rainy afternoon…

Hoping to seeing you again in a not too distant future.

My best wishes,


Patricia Rowett

Poppy Appeal Organiser - North Area (Portugal Branch XBB03)

The Royal British Legion