Safeguarding Policy

Promoting a safer church

The Church of St James, Porto is committed to maintaining a Safeguarding policy, in line with diocesan procedures and good practice and the House of Bishops’ Policy,  Parish Safeguarding Handbook, Promoting a Safer Church. (2018)

St James’ Chaplaincy Council reviews and endorses all safeguarding policies annually, at the first meeting of the new Chaplaincy Council, so that new members are aware of their responsibilities and affirm the Parish Policy on Safeguarding. The highest standards will be maintained in all the Church’s contacts with children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Adult volunteers will be given appropriate support and opportunities for training.

The Chaplaincy Council acknowledges its responsibility for all work with children and vulnerable adults done in the name of the Church and requires all those engaged in such work to be properly appointed and supported in accordance with current good practice and guidelines issued through the Diocese in Europe.

St James take the position that any form of bullying or harassment perpetrated by any member of the laity or clergy within the Diocese towards another person is totally unacceptable, recognising the impact bullying can have on the welfare of a chaplaincy. We strive for a culture of tolerance, respect and understanding. Should any concerns arise they should be reported to the Safeguarding Officer. The Church will follow the policy and process as set out in the The Diocesan Anti Bullying & Harassment Policy Link:

St James’ has appointed a Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer:

If you have any concerns, you may contact Victor de Holanda Veloso, the safeguarding officer, in confidence at this email or on +351 933 865 095

Chaplaincy Safeguarding Policy Document

You can find the detailed diocesan policy, and how it is implemented across all chaplaincies in the diocese, on the Diocesan website

The Church of England Parish Safeguarding Handbook

Online training